Monday, December 3, 2012

Teamwork Test

How's your Teamwork?

Answer YES or NO to the following 10 questions.*

1. Do you believe work teams improve communication?

2. Do you believe working in teams increases productivity?

3. Has communication between you and your business associates improved?

4. Do you enjoy the work you do?

5. Though you may not always agree with your team members, do you respect them overall?

6. Do you believe your team is making positive contributions towards the ultimate goal?

7. Do you strive for good relations with your fellow team members?

8. Has your motivation increased?

9. Has working with others helped broaden your perspective?

10. Has teamwork helped bring out the best in you?

Score yourself:
8 to 10 YES answers shows that you "get-it" when it comes to teamwork.
5 to 7 YES answers demonstrates opportunity for improvement. Seek advise from a Team Dynamic Expert.
Less than 5 YES answers? ... check your pulse.

* Teamwork notes

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