Thursday, November 28, 2013

5 Ways Giving Is Good for You*- 'Tis the Season

Giving makes us feel happy: Harvard Business School conducted a study in 2008 and found that when a person "gives" endorphins are produced in the brain creating what is known as "helper's high".

Giving is good for our health: Studies conducted by University of Michigan, University of California, and John Hopkins University conclude that "giving" reduces stress, help prevents some major diseases, lowers blood pressure and may add up to five years to our lives.

Giving promotes cooperation and social connection: When we give to others, we don't only make them feel closer to us; we also feel closer to them. "Being kind and generous leads you to perceive others more positively and more charitably." (from the book,  The How of Happiness).

Giving evokes gratitude: "When you express your gratitude in words or actions, you not only boost your own positivity but [other people's] as well. And in the process you reinforce their kindness and strengthen your bond to one another." (from the book, Positivity).

Giving is contagious: When we give, we don't only help the immediate recipient of our gift, we also ignite a ripple effect of generosity throughout our community.

This holiday season, however you choose to give; money, time, or special gifts... please keep in mind that your giving is so much more than a year end tradition. Giving is a process, "If you always give, you will always have."- Chinese Proverb

* Greater Good

Thursday, November 14, 2013

HEART Goals for 2014

The "G" word!

Goals, we all need them, yet many of us avoid them.

The acronym "SMART" goals is very popular and has been around for years.

A few years back I was introduced to a NEW process that combined SMART goals with HEART Goals.

SMART goals generate from the mind, so to speak, while HEART Goals are guessed it, the heart.

When you combine both into your goal setting process, the result is a Win - Win!

HEART Goals :
H- Heartfelt driven: a goal you really want to achieve.
E- Energy: motivate and energize yourself to stay focused.
A- Attitude: be passionate and positive about your goals.
R- Rewards: visualize yourself enjoying the rewards.
T- Tranquility: "Motion is Tranquility"-Stirling Moss. may need to think about the " T ", I would love to discuss it with you.


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

You're Welcome

Whatever happened to "you're welcome"?

Just last week, I had someone open the door for me, I said “Thank you!” …his response, “Sure”.

Then the server at lunch brought me an extra napkin. I said “ Thank you”…she replied, “Don’t mention it”.

Next, I dropped my pen at the bank, the person behind me picked it up and handed it to me, I said “Thank you,” he said… “No problem”

“No problem” ?  ... Well I’m glad I wasn’t a problem!

“Don’t mention it” ?… Okay guess what, I did!

“Sure” ? … Sure of what?

When a person says, “you are welcomed” or even “you’re welcomed,” they are basically saying thank you,  to you,  for thanking them and responding with politeness.

Leadership lesson?  Yes!
Saying “you are welcomed” is letting the person know that you are thankful to them for giving you the opportunity to help them.

"Leadership is Giving" ---- Sven Goebel

Saturday, November 2, 2013

We are what we think...

"Open your eyes and your future is right in front of you, 

open your mind and you will find endless possibilities, 

open your heart and your possibilities are endless."