Friday, June 15, 2012

Beware of The Grazers!

In the supermarket business, we call people who eat all the samples and rarely purchase anything, Grazers.
Guess what?!.... Grazers are everywhere! And to the small businessperson they can eat you alive!

How do you recognize a Grazer? Here are 3 Red Lights!

1.Grazers attend your free seminars, sometimes two or three times but they never commit.
They are very friendly, give you great feedback, and then suddenly they are gone!

2. Grazers love to schedule first meetings with you. They make the meeting all about you; sometimes surprise you by bringing a business partner. Grazers ask you a lot a questions about yourself and particularly all about your business, but when you try to have a follow up meeting to find out more about their business, they make it almost impossible to meet again, or they cancel right before the second meeting.

3. And then there are the EGrazers. They remind me of the people who would eat the sample and then want to fill out an “incident report” claiming they choked or got sick. EGrazers eat up all of your information you have posted on the internet and then use it for their own profit.

What can we do to prevent Grazing? Nothing!, but you can slow it down.

1. Charge a fee for seminar (adds value) and reimburse the fee with purchase.

2. Have an agenda for your meeting or at least know when to stop talking about you and then start asking about them. Say something like, “hey, enough about me for now, let’s talk about you.”

3. Make sure your information on the web is protected, copyright, trademark, etc… best to talk to an expert on this matter.

Al Sandonato, a mentor of mine once said… “Gambone, Grazers will eat everything and never buy anything.”

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