Sunday, September 29, 2013

Diamonds in the Rough- Today's Successful Young Entrepreneurs

The other day I met with an amazing young business owner. She is in her early twenties, charismatic, passionate about people, and has a vision for success.
Throughout our two hour conversation, she reminded me of several other young entrepreneurs that I have had the pleasure to meet with over my past four years of business ownership.

People of my generation, I'm 58, often refer to Gen-y'rs" aka the "Millennials" as those lazy young people who expect to succeed without working hard. I know this, because I am guilty of it. Shame on us.
While I am sure there is some truth to our prejudice, that statement is a common thread in every generation, including mine.

Here are Seven Tips to help you identify "Millennials" that are Diamonds in the Rough- Today's Successful Young Entrepreneurs:

1. You schedule your first meeting with them and they show up and arrive on time!
2. During that first meeting, you recognize that they understand the importance of building relationships and are not trying to "sell" to you.
3. They have a vision and can articulate it.
4. People that have helped them,  are identified as their heroes throughout the conversation, and they credit them for their success.
5. You leave the meeting having learned something that you did not know yesterday.
6. You are intrigued by the fact that this young person inspired you, and rekindled your passion for your own success.
7. Finally, you realize that you were wrong about "Those Millennials" and are compelled to blog about it!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Don't Be a NO-SHOW!

You both schedule a business meeting, agree on the time and place...and guess what?
The other person is a NO SHOW!

Has this happened to you? Sure it has.   Have you been the NO SHOW?

Five Action Steps to Prevent "NO SHOWS":

1. ALWAYS write it down. Once you agree on a time (AM or PM) and a place (exact location -address), enter the information on/in your calendars and share the calendar (meeting invite) if possible.

2. ALWAYS make sure to share cell phone numbers and contact information.

3. ALWAYS review upcoming meetings 7 days in advance and reschedule if needed. Respect people's time, that TIME that YOU scheduled only happens once in a lifetime.

4. ALWAYS confirm 24 hours in advance, call or text. If you email and do not hear back from the person within a few hours, then call or text....DO NOT assume that he or she received the email.

5.  ALWAYS make sure you know what the person looks like and do not assume the person knows what you look like, send a picture or a description. If you arrive first, send him or her a text to let them know where you are sitting.

Remember; "there is no time like the present, and no present like the time." Georgia Byng

Friday, September 6, 2013

The Roads of Success

Some time ago, a client of mine asked me, what is the difference between a coach and a consultant? ...a teacher and a trainer? ...and a mentor and a coach?
He inspired me to write the following:

The Roads of Success

Show me the road,
and you are my teacher.

Show me how to travel the road,
and you are my trainer.

Show me the road that you traveled successfully,
and you are my mentor.

Show me the road that you have improved for me to travel successfully,
and you are my consultant.

Show me the road that you and I will travel together successfully,
and you are my coach.

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