Monday, August 17, 2015

TEAM- What Hat Do You Wear?

Team dynamics fundamentally never change.
Yesterday I was reading an article about team dynamics, first published in the 1940s. Though the experts, yesterday and even today, don't agree on exactly how many roles there are and how to name them, 10 general personality types are consistently identified.

I personally witnessed this at BNI Leadership Training last week in several team exercises I facilitated.

*Here they are:

  1. Task Leader. May or may not be the designated leader; a nuts and bolts, roll-up-the-sleeves-and-get-busy-type.
  2. Social-emotional leader. Concerned with emotional heartbeat of the group; good at solving interpersonal problems.
  3. Tension-releaser. "Breaks the ice" with appropriate humor at the right moment.
  4. Information provider. Has research skills that stand out above all others. Could end up doing unfair amount of work.
  5. Central negative. Always plays the devil's advocate role in discussions but in a non-threatening manner.
  6. Questioner. Constantly seeks clarification and more information.
  7. Silent observer. Speaks little, observing and taking in all information. When he or she speaks up, people listen.
  8. Active listener. Listens attentively, sums up others' points of view. Good for keeping discussion on track.
  9. Recorder. Has good recording skills and little interest in participating in group discussion.
  10. Self-centered follower. Constantly questions opinions is a non-supportive way. Unlike the central-negative person, the self-centered follower is concerned only about personal interests.
So...which one are you?, or are you several?

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