Friday, May 30, 2014

The Right Moves

Leaders need to have the right attitude, or the leadership will fall short.
Leadership is giving...inspire vs. done "with" people vs. work done "by" people.

1. Give up on perfection, make it better.
2. Believe you have more in you.
3. Falling is not failing.
4. Never make excuses.
5. Compare up.
6. Train people "who" to be,  before telling them "what" to do.
7. Train on skills;  you can't teach personalities.
8. Do what your best self longs to do.
9. Surround yourself with people who acknowledge your progress and challenge you to do better.
10. Let go of the past, strive to improve the future.

"When looking at four ounces of water in an eight ounce glass, the pessimist will say its half empty, the optimistic says its half full...the leader says-----thank you for the water."


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Are You Boring?

Researchers at the University of Chicago asked students to rate 43 boring behaviors. Here are the top eight. They'll earn you the label of being "chronically boring": *

  • Complaining about one's own problems (health, finances, relationships) and not being interested in the problems of others.
  • Talking constantly about trivial things, always including unimportant details, and repeating tired old jokes.
  • Showing no emotion, failing to make eye contact. and talking in a monotone.
  • Seriousness- never smiling, joking, or making light of things.
  • Tediousness, especially talking too slowly.
  • Low participation. Never joining in conversation and always just going along with what is being said.
  • Distracting behavior, including frequent use of expressions such as "you know" and "just saying".
  • Self-centeredness. Always talking about your own life, experiences, and interests.
Credo to live by: "Be interested first, then you will become interesting."

*Teamwork notes

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Business Fundamentals...Don't Leave Home Without Them.

From the book, The Last Randy Pausch reflects on his "old school" football coach.

On the first day of practice, we were all scared to death. Plus he (the coach) hadn't brought along any footballs. One kid finally spoke up for all of us.
"Excuse me, Coach. There are no footballs."
And Coach Graham responded, "We don't need any footballs."

There was a silence, while we thought about that...
"How many men are on the football field at a time?" he asked us.
Eleven on a team, we answered, So that makes twenty-two.

"And how many people are touching the football at any given time?"
One of them.
"Right!" he said.
"So we're going to work on what the other twenty-one guys are doing."

Asked yourself the following question:  What are the three basic business fundamentals?
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