Wednesday, December 19, 2012

SMART Goals- A New Look For 2013

S- Specific is Terrific. Remember your Team will help you reach your goals only when they can focus.
 KISS: Keep It Simple and Specific.

M- Measurable and shared goals not only get accomplished but also get improved. Keep your Team informed by systematically sharing your Goals versus Actual (current condition).

A- Attainable based on competition, benchmarks and proven practices. Accountability is key! Create a system with your Team and / or Accountability Partner.

RRealistic and Relating  to YOU and YOUR business and life. You need to ask yourself,  is this something that YOU really want to achieve? Will accomplishing this Goal be fulfilling to YOU?

T- Time framing your Goals will help keep YOU and YOUR TEAM accountable and disciplined. You need to have an END in sight, or your SIGHT will never end.

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