Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Question, What Am I Good At?

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Did you ever say to yourself, what are my gifts? my talents?

A few years ago I had a meeting with entrepreneur who wanted to expand into another business. Her dilemma was that she was not sure what type of business to start.
I asked Patti,  "What are your skills?"
"Skills? I'm not sure", she answered humbly.
I knew right away that she needed my help.

I think we all struggle sometimes with identifying what we are good at.

Here are three questions you probably never asked anyone before:
  1. Ask three of your closest friends;  "What do I do that you depend on?"
  2. Ask three business associates; "If I worked for you, what would you have me do?"
  3. Ask three clients/customers; "What is it about me that made you decide to purchase my service/product?"
Write it all down and read through your notes several times. Take a few moments to think, and the question; What am I good at? ...will be answered.

Today Patti's new business is growing because she recognized her gifts and her talents and decided to do what she was good at.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Don't "Should" on Me!

Did you ever wonder why free spirited entrepreneurs don't like to follow the rules?

Well, its not the rules they don't like,  its the way the rules are often explained to them.  First; they need a WIIFM and second; avoid saying to them -  "you SHOULD have done it this way."

Here are 5 tips to avoid conflicts with free spirited entrepreneurs:

1. Ask "how can I help?", before helping.

2. Ask for permission to coach, before coaching.

3. When they ask you for help, ask them; "what have you done so far?"

4. Be an expert on not being an expert.

5. Most importantly, never say "you should have done it this way."


Monday, August 1, 2016

No More "Ugly"

Not the physical appearance at all...

...I am talking no more bad behavior i.e. ugly behavior.. I am talking about not accepting ugly behavior in the business arena.

10 - No More Ugly

1. Consistently late for meetings or no-contact / no-show.

2. Not completing projects on time.

3. Telling off-color jokes.

4. Texting / emailing during a business meeting.

5. False commitments.

6. Bullsh*t lies.

7. Negative, Debby-Dower, Gumpy Cats.

8. Conflictor* personalities.

9. Lazy, lazy, and did I say lazy?

10. Habitual procrastinators.