Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Winner - Whiner Chart

             While Whiners Say...         Winners Say...
                                     I guess.        Yes!
                       That looks okay.         That looks terrific.
                             No Problem.         My Pleasure.
             This isn't a half bad day.        What a beautiful day this is.
                                   I'll try to...      I will...
I've never done it that way before.      I can't wait to try it that way.
              I don't mind helping you.      Sure I'll help you.
       No thank you I can handle it.       Yes, I would love some help.
                          It can't be done.      Sounds like a challenge.
                   We're not good as...        We're as good as we think we are
                 I don't know how to...       Up to now I've not been able to...
              I hope I don't blow this!       Watch me make this work.
              Boy did I just blow this!       I just learned one more way not to
 I'm not appreciated around here.       It's fun to do a great job.
                     We're understaffed.      We always get it done! Amazing!
    Let somebody else deal with it.       Here's my chance to contribute.
                Isn't it five o'clock yet?      You mean it's quitting time already

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