Sunday, October 7, 2018

Stand Tall, Drop The "Small"

I recently asked a group of business owners to raise their hands if they call themselves a "small business owner".

Of course all 30 of them raised their hands.

 I then asked them if they wanted to grow their business. 
Once again,  all 30 raised their hands. 

Then I said, therein lies the problem... a few of them looked at me and said,  what do you mean the problem?

 And I replied,  if you're going to call yourself a small business owner you're going a "small" business owner.
 I told them all,  it's time to start thinking like a big company...if you want to grow.

 Get out of the fish bowl, I said, and get into the ocean. 
They asked me, what does that mean?

 I answered, okay take a goldfish and put it in a fishbowl. 
Then I asked, how big will that goldfish get?
They all said,  the size of the fishbowl.
Exactly, I quickly stated. 

Put that goldfish in a lake, and how big will it get? 
Frickin' huge! One gentleman shouted.

*** Effective immediately,  start thinking big. Research what big companies have in place that you do not.
Here are at least five you need to implement:
1. KPIs
2. Marketing Plan
3. Vision and Mission Statements
4. A sounding board or trusted advisors.
5. USP or Point of Difference. 

- Stand tall and drop the "small".