Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Maripat Abbott - Guest Blogger

Yoga is a Leadership Summit For Your Body

Let's pretend your physical body is a corporation. Going through daily life, the mind leads your company by making decisions and taking action based on thoughts. The problem is, the mind doesn't embody good leadership qualities. It's a narcissist; it's always right, and doesn't wish to collaborate since it has all the answers already.

Many times, I begin a yoga class by suggesting that the students leave their mind outside-fire it for a while, so to speak. What happens as a result is a beautiful thing. For the first time in days, months or sometimes years, the body's coworkers- the muscles, joints, breath, even the heartbeat - listen deeply to each other. The calm in the room is palpable. Everyone feels it.

I've seen firsthand what's possible when the body is given a leadership role.- even if only for an hour. Students often arrive to class with their company in a state of chaos. It's evident by their contracted posture, hurried pace, tense facial muscles, and rapid speech. But once the mind has been laid off for a while, the demeanor of the body changes dramatically.

A yoga class can be one of the best leadership summits ever held, because the leaders are invited to step out of their minds and into the hearts for a while. This is a place leaders forget to go.

Maripatt Abbott
Certified Yoga Instructor
Certified Life Coach