Saturday, April 26, 2014

I Really Worked Hard at That!

Really?  when you hear someone say that, what does that mean?  I'm sure we've all said it and heard it.

Working hard- does that mean long hours? Sweating profusely? Experiencing physical pain? Maybe becoming mentally exhausted?

Or... It's hard work because I really don't like to do it.

Or...I really do like it, and when I work hard I feel pleasure...maybe even want to reward myself, or expect someone else to reward me?

Is your definition of hard work the same as someones else's definition?  Probably not.

Do you deny yourself hard work? Do you deny that you ever work hard?  I often say, I never work hard because I love what I do...but I can still work hard,  right?

SO...are you expecting an insightful answer from me about what "hard work" really is?

Sorry....that would be hard work.

Friday, April 18, 2014


*** Reader's Poll Favorite***

His name was Vince. I met him one day at the Burger King while eating lunch.

Vince approached me and asked, “Excuse me, are you the Store Manager of the new Giant Eagle over there?”

I then introduced myself and Vince went on to tell me his story.

“So are you guys hiring?...I need a job. I am a retired executive from US Steel, my wife passed away about two years ago and my kids are spread across the country.
I fly out every weekend to visit them, so I can work Monday through Friday.
You know I miss working. A man can only play so much golf, I am really getting bored, …I need a reason to wake up in the morning.”

Vince was a tall man, wearing a wrinkled non-matching jogging suit and sporting a 3-day beard. I felt sorry for him, he really looked like he needed a job and the story he told me, well that really seemed a bit far-fetched, so I hired him.

Vince came on board and worked Monday through Friday 7:00 to 11:00am pushing carts and greeting people as they entered the store. He really loved his job; smiling and saying thank you, talking to customers, keeping the place clean, and I felt good because I gave this guy a job.

About 6 months later Cindi, my office manager, came to me, “Bob, the Payroll dept. called and said they need Vince to cash his paychecks.” Well I was really surprised, Vince?...the guy who needed a job so bad, not cashing his paychecks?!
“How many paychecks hasn't he cashed”? I asked Cindi.
Cindi looked right at me and said, “Bob, Vince has not cashed a paycheck since he started 6 months ago!”

I pulled Vince aside and inquired about the paychecks. Vince politely replied, "I'm sorry Bob, did I get you in trouble? I will put them in the bank tomorrow, thank you."

At that moment I realized, I did not give Vince a job, he gave me a life lesson.

"We all need a reason to wake up in the morning"... thank you Vince P.