Monday, May 27, 2019

7 Leadership Lessons From Dad

Ed Gambone started his leadership journey with the Kroger Company right after World War II.

Dad lived in a generation when people quite often defined their lives by the company that employed them. I can empathize with that myself,  I spent 36 years at Giant Eagle Supermarkets, my Dad trumped that with 48 years in the Kroger Company.

In reflection, here are 7 Leadership Lessons from Ed Gambone:

1. Laugh more at your own "goof-ups" then other's "goof-ups".

2. Never be on time for a meeting or an appointment, always be early.

3. Promote the successes of others.

4. Know the difference between "giving a hand", and giving a "hand-out".

5. Don't just let "family" happen, make "family" happen.

6. Always have a strong work ethic and more importantly, have "ethics" that are always strong.

7. "Do what you love, love what you do, and share that love with everyone." ~ EG *

*Quote from Ed Gambone,  first published in my book Pecan Pie.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Shifting of the Leadership Dialog

Yesterday's Leaders vs. Today's Leaders

Yesterday's Leaders say
   "You should..."
Today's Leaders say
   "I believe that..."

Yesterday's Leaders say
   "I can't believe you did..."
Today's Leaders say
   "How did that happen?"

Yesterday's Leaders say
   "Why didn't you...?"
Today's Leaders say
   "What other options were available...?"

Yesterday's Leaders say
   "Just do it!"
Today's Leaders say
   "We need this now!"

Yesterday's Leaders say
   "You better get it together..."
Today's Leaders say
   "I'm concerned about your behavior, how can I help?"

When it comes to Leadership; What got you here, will not get us there.

Lead better, or be replaced by better leaders.