Saturday, October 17, 2015

Family: A Leadership Core Value

When it comes to core values,  "family" needs to be in your top three in order to be a successful leader.

Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Family teaches you the importance of teamwork.

2. Family helps you model servant leadership.

3. Responsibility and loyalty are derived from family experiences.

4. Discipline, within a family,  accelerates action and develops motivational skills.

5. Family traditions are the foundation of what leadership is all about, people and giving.


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

CEO of Your Life

***Please welcome my guest blogger, Maripat Abbott***

Create and Share your Transition Vision – Be the CEO of Your Life

A traditional leadership coach is someone who helps others sharpen their leadership skills in the corporate or entrepreneurial world. That is not my mission. I help my clients to become the CEOs of their life, empowering them to give themselves that promotion.

In my experience, most of us have somehow sublimated our CEO title – given our power over to someone or something else. It saddens me when I can clearly hear that a person has been demoted – or put on severance – not by a company, but by themselves.

I most often see people demote themselves during times of major life transitions like a health challenge, a job loss or change, a relationship status change, pregnancy or any other large life events. During times of transition, fear and resistance to the unknown can begin to dominate,  which can cause us to lose our power.
So how can we avoid losing our CEO title during the transitions in our life? How do we trust that there is no candidate better than ourselves to lead us through? How can we remember that we are the single most qualified one to lead our life?

One helpful tool is to create a powerful vision statement that outlines how you intend to run the company of YOU during this transition. Then you must communicate that clearly to your support system of family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances, who are in essence a part of your company.
Like a CEO, you respectfully require that your community understand and follow your vision statement so that the company of YOU thrives throughout this transition and you do not lose your primary relationship – the one with yourself.  This is always your number one job.

Your vision statement and request might sound something like this: “I am in the midst of… [changing jobs, getting divorced, selling my home, opening a new business] and am very optimistic about the ultimate outcome. I need you to hold this vision with me and remind me when I forget.”
Your primary goal is to maintain your leadership role without being forced into a severance package from your own life.

Maripat Abbott
Executive Relocation Coach
Certified Life Coach
Certified Yoga Instructor

Phone: 630-708-RELO