Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Inviting Your Customers to Return, the Missing Link in Service

Companies that boast good customer service in most cases are missing one very important component that could really raise the bar…
…Invite your customers to return.

The next time you visit a retailer, restaurant or any business that serves the ultimate consumer, pay close attention to the final words you hear. 90% will offer a thank you, 5% will say nothing and only about 5% will thank you and ask that you to return in the near future.

Step back, listen and observe…are you inviting your customers to return? Asking your customers to come back can be a huge point of difference for your business. You will need to practice this until it becomes a habit. Say something like, “Thank you and please come back and see us again real soon, mention 'Joe' when you return.” (one way you can measure the process)

Do you remember the TV show that ended with… “Y’all come back now, Ya hear!”
.... and millions of viewers did and still do!

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