Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Great Players Win Games, Great Teams Win Superbowls

***This is a true story as told to me by my father many times over the years. Edited for privacy....the powerful message remains.***
Dad, you were the original Business Life and Leadership Coach. I know you are up there…this one is for you.
John was an inventor of a product that is used by every retail business throughout the entire world. He played football with my Dad in high school, work with him for a short time and they became lifetime business associates.

When John was getting ready to launch his product, my Dad met with him to discuss his strategy.

“Who is on your team, John?”
“What team, I don’t need a team… I have over 35 companies out there ready to buy.”
“What’s your strategy, you know, your game plan?”
“Sell!, Sell!, Sell!...simple as that.”
“Do you have a test market area?”
“So, let's look at it this way…you are ready to kickoff, you have never practiced, your fans are filling the stands in anticipation, and you have no team behind you? plays to run?"
“Hey, I thought you were my friend… not my coach!” ... John’s last words as the meeting and their friendship ended.

Good news and bad news followed.

The bad news: John’s product took off like crazy, but he ran into continuous problems with his patent, branding issues, competition, tax issues, quality of product, etc…until he finally went bankrupt.

The good news: years later John invented a process that is used in almost every vending machine in the United States. John went back to my Dad, not to beg for his friendship, to ask him to be his coach.

My Dad, a pure coach at heart, provided John with support. John formed a team by purchasing the products and services of professionals, referred to him by my Dad, and this time built a successful sustainable business that was passed on to the next generation.

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