Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Favorite Personal Quotes used for Team Inspiration

“Leadership is not an art, it is not a skill,
nor is it something that you can learn.
Leadership is an inherited trait,
fueled by passion, fed by desire, and maintained by your enthusiasm.
Leadership never dies; it will always be in your heart… waiting.”


"A true champion celebrates his success while at the same time acknowledges his vulnerabilities.
When you are the best you will be tested by the best.
You are number one and being chased by those who cannot accept defeat.
Know this…second place is the first loser, don’t settle for anything less than number one.
Remember you can’t do it alone…
Its great to be a champion, but it takes a team to win the Super Bowl.
The challenge is now upon us…
Our Pledge:
---We Will Champion Our Points of Difference with a
Passionate and Enthusiastic Pursuit of Excellence!---"

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