Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bob Gambone’s Pillars for Organizational Sustainability

---Foundations For Building Your Strategies---


  • Leaders are always on stage. Their attitudes are contagious. Their attitudes have the power to create an epidemic of negativity or success.

  • Leaders pull their teams “up the hill”, face them, and do not turn their backs. Old school managers push employees.

  • Leaders develop others. Leaders understand when people need to be led and when to let people take the lead.


  • Drop the word Change (negative connotation) and replace with Continuous Improvement.

  • Need a consistent and credible W.I.I.F.M. (What's In It For Me)

  • Listen to concerns, be empathetic….but stay the course.


  • The organization’s customer service must add value to the customers’ lives. Your customers must feel good about their relationship with your organization.

  • The organization’s customer service must add value to the employees’ lives. Your employees must feel good about their relationship with your customers.

  • Customer Service is not work. It is an integral part of everyone’s job, practiced by all team members, and modeled by leaders at all times.


  • Grass roots development (pilot), plant the seed with the front line employees and with guidance have them grow the ideas, creates ownership….then recognize the individuals or teams.

  • A top-level commitment to invest in “true” training.
    (5-step process; Intro, show, try, feedback, follow up)

  • Sustain the process by instilling a continuous improvement mentality and start building a bridge for that improvement to avoid “flavor of the month” ‘isms.


  • First, revisit the above 4 foundation skills to determine the current state of the organization.

  • Business turnaround often calls for leadership changes, improved change management skills, ratcheted up customer service, and the introduction of new initiatives.

  • The organization must identify a vision and constantly focus on its achievement. Invite ideas and actions from everyone.

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