Sunday, March 30, 2014

Handling Personal Problems on the Job

All of us come to work some days with a personal problem or concern on our minds. When my father was dying of heart disease, I was challenged to focus. We wouldn't be human if we could completely "turn-off" our personal lives the moment we started work each morning.

How can we separate our personal lives so we can carry on effectively at work with the assignments at hand?

Start by asking yourself, "Is there anything I can do right now to correct this personal problem?" Sometimes there is.

When you've determined that nothing can be done to solve a personal dilemma at work, try plunging into the task you are doing. For many people the greatest temporary relief is to get their minds as far from the problem as least until that time when something can be done.

The problem will still be there later...and the time away from it may help you gain perspective you need to deal with it later.

 "I have found that the best way to handle personal problems is to look them right in the eye, and also to make sure I have my reading glasses on first." --- Anonymous


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