Saturday, February 22, 2014

Champion Communications

Part I

Did you ever walk away from an important business conversation and felt that you weren't really understood and /or you really were not sure what the other person was saying?

Try this: Clarifying and Confirming*

WHEN you will make a decision or take action based on the information, opinion, or suggestion offered. Or your immediate impulse is to reject, ignore, or disagree with what you are hearing, you need to CLARIFY.

HOW?  Clarify by seeking additional information about:
--- what has been said and/or why ("...what else can you tell about this?")

CONFIRM  By stating your understanding of:
--- what has been said and why ("... so what your saying is...")

This technique will dramatically decrease your frustration and enhance your credibility with business associates,  because they know you have listened to what they have said.

* IMS / Learning International


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