Thursday, November 14, 2013

HEART Goals for 2014

The "G" word!

Goals, we all need them, yet many of us avoid them.

The acronym "SMART" goals is very popular and has been around for years.

A few years back I was introduced to a NEW process that combined SMART goals with HEART Goals.

SMART goals generate from the mind, so to speak, while HEART Goals are guessed it, the heart.

When you combine both into your goal setting process, the result is a Win - Win!

HEART Goals :
H- Heartfelt driven: a goal you really want to achieve.
E- Energy: motivate and energize yourself to stay focused.
A- Attitude: be passionate and positive about your goals.
R- Rewards: visualize yourself enjoying the rewards.
T- Tranquility: "Motion is Tranquility"-Stirling Moss. may need to think about the " T ", I would love to discuss it with you.


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