Wednesday, November 7, 2012

10 Tips for Keeping Customers/Clients for Life

  1. The secret to winning and keeping customers / clients is to reward them. "Reward what you want repeated."
  2. Forget about selling. People love to buy but hate to be sold. Concentrate on helping customers / clients buy what's best for them.
  3. The greatest customer / client you'll ever win is you, because the best salesperson is the true believer.
  4. The only two things people ever buy are good feelings and solutions to problems.
  5. Remember, when you come in contact with a customer / client, YOU are the company brand.
  6. When it comes to service; walk the talk. "Well done is always better than well said."
  7. Ask: "how are we doing?" "how can we get better?"
  8. The 5 B's: Be reliable, Be credible, Be attractive, Be responsible, Be emphatic.
  9. Listen, Listen, Listen!
  10. Thank, thank, thank!

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