Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Back to Leadership School?

Leaders: Take the Test
1= rarely or never
2= once in a while
3= sometimes
4= fairly often
5= very frequently or always

1. I seek out challenging opportunities that test my skills and abilities                           
2. I appeal to others to share my dream of the future as their own.

3. I involve others in planning the actions we will take.

4. I let others know my beliefs on how to best run the organization I lead.

5. I find ways to celebrate accomplishments.

6. I am consistent in practicing the values I espouse.

7. I get others to feel a sense of ownership for the projects they work on.

8. I look ahead and forecast what I expect the future to be like.

9. I look for innovative ways we can improve what we do in this organization.

10. I praise people for a job well done.

Add them up!
If your score is less than 42...its time to go back to school!

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