Friday, August 31, 2012

5 Easy Steps to Stop Procrastinating

Here are five ways to beat that bugaboo, procrastination:*

1. Start timing yourself: Procrastinators are often unrealistically low in estimating how long a project will take.   Then they get a late start, and the project cannot reasonably be completed on time.

2. Learn to use little bits and pieces of time. Poke holes in big jobs a little at a time. Think of large projects as conglomerations of small, easily achievable tacks.

3. Expect interruptions. Work them into your timetable. Don't let them keep you from coming back to your work.

4. Know your prime time and your limits. Tackle demanding projects when you are at your best.

5. Delegate. Many people resist delegating responsibilities to others. They believe they should be able to do everything themselves. Others think they and they alone can do it right. This attitude makes a project bigger and more difficult to tackle than it need be. When you're faced with something so big and threatening---it's easier to procrastinate.

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