Friday, February 24, 2012

So What is Your Business Saying?

By Christopher S. Musuneggi, VP of Business Development, The Musuneggi Financial Group

The goal for any business owner is to be a leader in their industry. When the business owner leads, clients and customers follow. Many businesses fall short of this goal because they don’t recognize what their business is “saying” to those they want to attract.

Recently a few new businesses opened near our office. One afternoon, my business partners decided they would venture out for a walk and visit these shops.

The first one they came to had a name that would make you assume that it was a store that sold decorative household items. But on entering the store, they discovered it was a women’s accessories store. As they looked around no one greeted them, and the woman they thought to be the owner stayed behind the counter on the phone making plans for the weekend.

Feeling ignored, they finally left still not having been acknowledged; and with the message that customers were really not important there.

The next store they went to was a flower shop and the doorway was blocked by a small gate. They peeked over the gate not seeing any sales person or owner. But they did see two small dogs running around – obviously the reason for the gate. Although they had to assume the owner was trying to keep the dogs in and not customers out, the message it was sending was just the opposite.

They called out “Hello” and the owner finally came out from the back of the building. She told them to move the gate or step over it and come in. When they did the owner laughed and commented that the dogs thought they owned the store. From all indications it was obvious they did.

Recently I needed to call a company to place an order for a piece of equipment for our firm. When the phone answered, the recording on the other end said that no one was available to take the call; but to press 0 if I was in need of immediate assistance. I pressed 0 only to hear a recording that said “0 is not an option.” To say the least I hung up and I called a different company.

So what were these businesses saying? “We don’t want to make it easy for you to do business with us,” or “We don’t want you to think you are important to us.”

If you own a small business and you want to be seen as a leader in your industry you want to rise above the competition. To do this you need to say things to attract your buyers.

So what is your business saying?

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Nancy said...

This is so true! Whenever I go into an business and there is no acknowlegement that you were there, I do not go back, thinking they do not want my business. I reallyenjoy reading this one.