Friday, September 2, 2011

"Got It, Thank you."

Did you ever send an email to someone and then anxiously pondered if they received it?
…of course you did, I have many times.

Today with all the spam, junk and security filters, the reality is our emails (sometimes very important) can be shuffled into the never-to-be-read email abyss!

I know, some of you are saying: well I usually get a “your email was read” return.

Reality check please, those scripts are not very reliable for many reasons (which I will not get into).

Here are 4 simple words to help secure the communication and put the sender at ease:

“Got it, thank you.”….that’s right …simply email them back “Got it, thank you.”

Consider this example:
Imagine sending a potential client a proposal and instead of wondering anxiously if they received it, you get an email back from them that said “Got it, thank you.”… WOW!, you can now exhale.

“Got it, thank you.” is not meant to be an end-all solution and of course you will have to adapt it to your style.

So if you do “get it” ...then simply say, “Got it, thank you."

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