Thursday, August 4, 2011

Put On Your Customer Hat

Back in early 1980’s I was a participate in a corporate think-tank. Our goal was to identify the one employee position that truly represented customer service. The strategy was to focus on this position for training tactics.

The members of the think-tank were polled and the number one choice was the store manager, followed by the assistance store manager, cashiers, meat manager, and so on. Only one person said the most important person for customer service was the lot guy. I was that person.
After the rest of the think-tank team stopped laughing at me, the facilitator said,
“Ok Bob, get serious now, what position is your choice?”
I stood firm and said… “Yes, in all seriousness the lot guy (person) is the most important employee representing our customer service brand."

The lot person is the first employee customers see when they arrive at our store and the last person they see when leaving. We only have once chance for a first and lasting impression.
I was overruled….the group voted the store manager.

3 years later, we paid big bucks to have a consulting firm tell us:
“The people on the front lines, like the lot-people, are the most important employees when it comes to customer service.”
Really?!............ I never did get credit for that one.

Take a look at your business as you would a customer, put on your Customer Hat.

***10 First Impressions you may be overlooking***
1. Business Cards
2. Web site, LinkedIn, Facebook.
3. Dress Code and your employees dress code.
4. Parking lot, store front, entranceway.
5. Voice mail message.
6. Vehicle.
7. Smile, breath, overall appearance.
8. Email .
9. Handshake.
10. Attention-focus-eye contact.

“You never get a second chance to make a first and ever-LASTing impression.”
“Copyright (8-05 -2011) by Robert V Gambone Sr.”

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