Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"Feedback Is A Gift"

His name was Lou.
Lou was 35 years my senior and started in the grocery business before I was born.
He once told me,
“Bob, always remember when a customer complains to you, make sure you listen to them, apologize to them and mean it, then make them happy by fixing the problem and last and most importantly thank them.”

“Thank them?” I asked.

“Yes!” Lou, a genuine soul, looked into my eyes and said, “Bob, any customer that takes the time to complain to you is really doing you a favor. They want to make your business better; they want to be your customer. In some cases this is your best customer.”

“Lou, come on…are you telling me that customers who complain are my better customers?”

“What I am telling you is, that you should listen to them because in many cases the feedback is very constructive, you really should encourage it… and by thanking them, you demonstrate to them that your really care about what they have to say.
Would you rather have a customer get upset, and simply not complain, and then never return? Did you ever think; a customer, who never complains but never comes back, might be your worst customer?”

Lou was right. Feedback is a gift!

In any business, a customer that is not satisfied with your product or service, does not communicate their disappointment and then never frequents your business again, well …they are your “worst” customer.

Here are 5 easy steps to take upon receiving your “gift” face to face.

1. Listen attentively.
2. Be thankful for the opportunity to fix the problem.
3. Provide a quick fix.
4. Assess the problem.
5. Implement a permanent fix.

Fact: A satisfied customer will share their positive experience with up to 5 people.
Fact: A dissatisfied customer will share their negative experience with up to 20 people.
***This is just a sample!... if you would like a "full-slice" of passion, be sure to indulge yourself in my upcoming book, "Pecan Pie", fresh from the oven, early this fall!...stay tuned!“Copyright (8-4-2010) by Robert V Gambone Sr.”

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