Friday, July 16, 2010

Carol The Trainer

Before “Train the Trainer” (a company that patented a 4-Step Process in 1977) there was Carol the Deli Manager…the best trainer I ever met.

I was first introduced to her in 1973 when she was training employees for a new store opening. I was totally impressed with her unique training style.

Fast forward a few years later: Carol was the deli manager at a store that I was managing.
Carol’s performance appraisal and overall department rating was off the charts!
And…at a time of 60% employee turnover in deli departments, Carol’s department turnover was close to zero.

…because Carol trained her team so well that they never wanted to leave. Yes, the reality is there are many factors that cause employee turnover… “lack of training” is always high on the list.
Oh, by the way…Carol’s training was so effective, that she was one of the few deli managers that did not have to work overtime in order to maintain the standards in her department.

Carol’s 5-Step Recipe for Training:

1. Why?...tell the trainee why they are being trained; what’s in it for them.

2. How? them how to do it. (Be empathetic, try not to intimidate them with your expertise)

3. Try…let them try; it’s their turn. (be sure you are observing)

4. What?...tell them what they did right and what they need to improve on. Be positive!

5. Follow up and thank you…always check back with them to see how they are doing, thank them for learning something new and participating in the training process (step five was Carol’s “Midas Touch”)

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“Copyright (7-15-2010) by Robert V Gambone Sr.”

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