Saturday, March 27, 2010

POWER Feedback

We all like to receive compliments from our fellow business associates when our business is successful. Verbal feedback or an email is quick and immediate, but there is “feedback” and then there is “POWER Feedback.”

Listed below are five different styles of verbal / email feedback… only one is POWER Feedback.

1.) Hi Joe! Hey, nice job on growing your business, keep up the good work.

2.) Joe, I wanted to let you know that your business is really taking off. Everyone I talk to is amazed on how well you are doing.

3). Hi Joe. Wow, your business is really doing well. I heard sales were up 10% over last year as a result of the new marketing strategy you recently implemented. I really want to thank you… you made me rethink my business strategy. Great job!

4). Joe….EXCELLENT! Your business is taking off…WOW!!!! Tremendous!!!

5.) Hi Joe, well I wanted to let you know that you are doing better in your business than I am in mine. I am still struggling, maybe since you are doing so well you can send me some pointers. I mean, we go way back and I always gave you ideas, maybe its time you give me some of yours. You’re the best!

What is the correct answer?

What is POWER feedback and why?

What is the advantage of POWER feedback?

Let’s continue the discussion, email;

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Anonymous said...

Honestly,I do not know what Power feedback is..!!And I wanted to learn more about Power feedback.Well,its very hard to choose among the 5 knowing that I don't know what Power feedback is..!!But my answer is number 3..hahaha.!I just hope that I am correct..i want to know the real answer..I had a great time reading this blog..!thanks for sharing.