Monday, March 8, 2010

5 TIPS TO SUCCESS by Crystal Barr

1- Be Consistent. Do an activity everyday that will help you towards your goal, then make it 2 a day. This will help produce results.

2- Be Confident. Who cares what others think or say. When people doubt your dreams or visions, stand your ground and stay true to what you know to be true.

3. Develop Systems. This will help with the activities that you find yourself doing over and over and over, that are necessary but take alot of your time. Mary Kay always said "Don't waste dollar time doing penny jobs." for example- If you find yourself answering the same questions for clients or team members, develop an email that answers that question and save it instead of recreating it everytime.

4. Be an energy giver not a drainer. Be the person that everyone wants to be around. Not the person that everyone dreads. When people can leave your space pumped up, you will be a person of influence.

5. Set a goal and do not waiver from it. Remember, a goal is written in pen and the date in pencil. It's ok to fail when working towards a goal. That will only make the end that much sweeter. The journey is where we learn, the finish line is where we celebrate. Without a defined goal we are just lost.

Crystal Barr
Independent Sales Director
Mary Kay Cosmetics

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