Sunday, October 6, 2019

Leadership and Power

10 Ways to Expand Power*

1. Make others feel powerful. Expand power by giving authority to people who get things done. Hoarded power shrinks, but shared authority expands your ability to get things done.

2. Expose frailties; never whine. The battle makes you beautiful. Ugly leaders pretend they have it all together. We connect people who work through frailties. The operative expression is "work through." Vulnerability isn't an excuse for weakness.

3. Bring up awkward issues with optimism. Weak leaders dance around elephants. Powerful leaders invite them to dance.

4. Assume you talk too much, if you have position and authority. People with power believe they have the right to talk more than others. Listen at least 60% of the time.

5. Take action after listening. Listening isn't leading. Quiet, by itself, isn't strength. Leaders take action.The more you get done, the more powerful you become. Wrestle big problems into submission.

6. Give permission before its needed. Ask, "Whats next:, then say, "Go for it." Permission-asking is old school.

7. Make people feel important. You're drawn to someone who makes you feel you matter. Expand power by letting others know they matter.

8. Develop and release talent, yours and theirs. Leaders who fear talented people are losers. Ask yourself, "How can I bring out their best?"  Develop strengths. Minimize weaknesses. Mitigate hindrances.

9. Commit to help others reach their goals. Remove teammates whose personal goals and values collide with organizational.

10. Lead by noble values, not the bottom line. Hold to your values even if it costs. Never trust a leader who serves the bottom line before integrity, for example. Leadership is about results, but never sacrifice values for results.

Bonus: Make it better or stop blabbing

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