Monday, May 27, 2019

7 Leadership Lessons From Dad

Ed Gambone started his leadership journey with the Kroger Company right after World War II.

Dad lived in a generation when people quite often defined their lives by the company that employed them. I can empathize with that myself,  I spent 36 years at Giant Eagle Supermarkets, my Dad trumped that with 48 years in the Kroger Company.

In reflection, here are 7 Leadership Lessons from Ed Gambone:

1. Laugh more at your own "goof-ups" then other's "goof-ups".

2. Never be on time for a meeting or an appointment, always be early.

3. Promote the successes of others.

4. Know the difference between "giving a hand", and giving a "hand-out".

5. Don't just let "family" happen, make "family" happen.

6. Always have a strong work ethic and more importantly, have "ethics" that are always strong.

7. "Do what you love, love what you do, and share that love with everyone." ~ EG *

*Quote from Ed Gambone,  first published in my book Pecan Pie.

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