Monday, January 26, 2015

10 Questions to Help Solve Problems

This quiz can help you find the strengths and weaknesses of your skills in solving problems, as well as point you to ways of improving in this important area.*

Answer YES or NO to the following Ten questions.

  1. Do you gather all the information you can before trying to solve a problem?
  2. Do you seek input from your fellow team members?
  3. Do you get opinions from outside experts?
  4. Do you list all the possible solutions on a piece of paper?
  5. Do you then visualize the strengths and weaknesses of each solution?
  6. Do you let your subconscious work on the problem?
  7. Do others seek your help?
  8. Are you willing to try another solution if your first idea isn't working?
  9. Do you see problems as challenges and get satisfaction from resolving them?
  10. Do you practice your problem-solving skills on puzzles and games?
Score yourself: 8 to 10 YES answers indicates you are a pro at solving problems. Six or seven is average, but if you had a lower score, study the questions for ways you can improve.

*Teamwork notes

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