Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Gratitude Lifts Attitude

Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude.

In business we can be thankful for so many things; we appreciate our clients /customers, our partners, our shareholders, our employees, our suppliers, the list can be plentiful.

One strategic way that we can show our appreciation is by bragging, not about ourselves,  but about those who help us grow and secure our business. Specifically people who may be our strategic partners, referral teams, and networking colleagues.

Pick one person, just one, and throughout this Thanksgiving holiday season brag to others about this person using the specific points answered in the following three questions.

1. What strengths do you see in this person?

2. What specific contributions has this person made to help you grow your business?

3.  How does this person bolster a positive environment?

You will find that bragging about others will benefit their credibility and yours.
Your gratitude will lift your attitude resulting in a more fulfilling Thanksgiving holiday season.


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