Thursday, October 23, 2014


When it comes to business owners, there are three types of  Do-It-Yourselfers (DIYS)

1. No Money-  DIYS

Fact: This business owner may be just starting out and has no funds to hire an admin, a marketer, web designer, business coach, etc…

Upside: When the cash starts flowing they will hire experts to help them grow their success.

Downside: Procrastination, wrt letting go and empowering others, can and will hinder growth.

2. Control Freak – DIYS

Fact: this business owner lives in fear and trusts no one to get “inside” his or her business.

Upside: Total control can be very rewarding because you can relish in the “I did it! I did it all!”

Downside: Burn out is inevitable and horizontal growth is impossible.

3. The Know-It-All – DIYS

Fact: This business owner knows a little about everything, and believes that makes them an expert. Albert Einstein said it best, “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.”

Upside: If your favorite photograph is a “selfie”, you are in your zone and you may be successful.

Downside: When your business does not grow and you become completely frustrated, you will catch yourself saying, “What the heck happened!”


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