Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What is Success?

A few weeks back, I had a meeting with two business associates.  We started talking about success and how we define it.
Of course the assumption was, as it is with many people, that success and lots of money go hand in hand.
As the discussion continued, we shared some stories about people we had known over the years that were far from wealthy and yet very happy, healthy, and proud.
We left each other that morning intrigued and wanting to know more about;  what is success?

When I got back to my office I decided to see what the experts had to say about success, so I Goggled "Famous quotes on success".
I read over 100 quotes from at least 6 different sites. From Lincoln to Jordan, to Edison, to Lombardi...and not one quote said anything about the mighty dollar.

We all know that money can not buy happiness...perhaps it is "happiness" not "money"  that go hand in hand with success.

What is success?  Your thoughts?

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Unknown said...

Success for me is about knowing I am fulfilling my purpose in life. It is about being at peace with where I am in both my personal and professional life.