Saturday, March 16, 2013

Hidden Treasures

Some people call me crazy for collecting so many letters, cards and pictures given to me over the years. I recently found a box of Giant Eagle paraphernalia deep inside our storage unit. Inside was a card sent to me from one of my mentors, Lou Zegarelli, dated January 3rd 1983, a true hidden treasure.

The Right Path Is Very Simple

Respect your fellow human beings,
Treat them fairly, 
Disagree with them honestly,
Enjoy their friendship,
Explore your common humanity,
Share your thoughts about one another candidly,
Work together for a common goal,
And help one another to achieve it.

No destructive lies.
No ridiculous fears.
No debilitating anger.

He was an amazing man, loved by all. I will always remember the words he left me with the first day we met.
"Good luck with the new store Bob and remember...the good you do, will come back to you."

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