Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Find Your “Role-Mate”

Business consultants worldwide strongly encourage entrepreneurs to seek out and develop relationships with “accountability partners” to help the entrepreneur/ business owner stay on track.

Quite often, these “accountability partnerships” quickly fade away because some fundamental requirements were never put into place.
A “Role-Mate” takes the accountability relationship to the next level and creates a sustained partnership of trust and success.

Here are three fundamental requirements that you need to look for in recruiting a “Role–Mate.”

1). Vision: your Role-Mate needs to believe in you and trust that your vision is realistic and achievable.

2). Courage: you must be open and willing to receive unconditional advice. Your “Role-Mate” needs to be professional and friendly, but never your best friend.

3). Leadership: Your “Role-Mate” must be a leader. Leaders inspire you to do things you may not necessarily want to do, but need to do.

How about you? What are some of your basic requirements for a “Role-Mate” ?
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