Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I’m Sorry, He is With a Client Right Now!

Don’t you hate that?!

Your appointment (as a client / customer) was for 3:00pm and it’s now 3:20.
You ask the receptionist if he / she is available and you get… “I’m sorry, she is with a client right now.”

AND you would love to say… “So, what am I ???”

Whether you are a CPA , a doctor, a financial advisor, or a contractor…if you have people working your front desk, PLEASE never-ever have them just say “….you are with a client.”

Better answer: “I’m sorry, I will let _(name)_ know that you are waiting, he /she is with another client / customer and I apologize.

Remember….don’t let your ‘front line’ weaken your ‘bottom line.’

“Copyright (10-19-2011) by Robert V. Gambone Sr.”

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