Monday, September 6, 2010

Go Bananas!!! When Building Strong Business Relationships.

Did you know that the number one selling item at SuperWalmart (according to Bloomberg/ Business Week) is... BANANAS?
Wow!? …who would have thought!

According to Progressive Grocer Magazine, 75% of supermarket shoppers purchase bananas on a regular basis due to their nutritional value, low cost, and the fact that bananas are a very perishable product.

What is the number one strategy in building your business through networking?
Building strong relationships. And, just like bananas, strong trusting relationships are nutritious (in a business sense), can be very cost effective, and very perishable if you do not keep your “credibility” in stock.

Here are three quick tips to maintain a good "credible" inventory of your networking relationships.

1). Send a “reconnecting” email if you have not seen or heard from them in the last 30 days.

2). A personal inspirational greeting card is a great way to remind them of your relationship.

3). It may be old fashion in today’s techy world, but a simple “Hi Joe, how are things going this week?” phone call, really sends a message that you care.

So when it comes to building strong realtionships...Go Bananas!!!

 “Copyright (9-6-2010) by Robert V. Gambone Sr.”

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