Monday, April 19, 2010

"Willing To Learn" by Julie Ann Sullivan

While getting my son’s lunch ready, I expressed that all the food and drink would not fit into his lunch box.
I told him I would have to use something different.
He said, “Can I try?”
I was outraged! I told him how rude it was for him to say that. Didn’t he think I was smart enough to have tried all the possibilities?

In that same instant, the lesson began. Still angry, I told him to try, but if he couldn’t do it, he lost TV for the day.
Indignantly, I went out of the room to get his juice box for lunch, which surely would not fit.
I’d show him!
On the way back to the kitchen, I realized there might be another side to this story besides my predicted outcome.
I said to him, “Get it all to fit and that’s $5 for you.”

You know of course, he figured out how to get it all to fit. I paid up the money and learned several valuable lessons:

1. It’s not always about me
2. People like to try for themselves and that’s not about me either.

*Julie Ann Sullivan*
Learning Never Ends
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