Monday, December 21, 2009


*Daily / weekly planners…get yourself organized (calendars, charts, files)

*Make a list of things that need done. Follow up on action plans and update.

*Inventory tracking and record keeping.

*Proper executions of the business plans…plan your work and work your plan.

*Back to basics.

*Revisit / Update Policies and procedures in your company

*Things you have let go… Procrastination ends now!

*Personal growth and health. If you are not having fun….that’s your fault.

*Measure to improve, share and use ideas, communications, teach.

*Training; in your absence does someone know what to do?

*Are you being aggressive about getting yourself trained…take responsibility for your own success!

*Team communication: share the knowledge, listen, and create a sense of ownership.

*Recognition… “Reward want you want repeated” “Find the Number ONE in Everyone”

*Be a LEADER, not just a manager. “Call it a problem & it will BE one, Call it an opportunity, and you will HAVE one.”

*Leadership “Its great to be a champion, but it takes TEAM to win the Super-Bowl”

“The customer may not always be right , but they are still the customer”

Think like a customer: present a professional image, smile and eye contact, seek out customer contact, solve customer problems, use proper body language, thank every customer and invite them back.

Thought for the month…. “we learn from yesterdays we live for tomorrows”

“Success just doesn’t happen…You must GO AFTER IT, with

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