Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Successful Leaders Know When Let Other Leaders, Lead.

About two years ago, I got in the discussion with a two very successfull business leaders. The topic was BNI (Business Network International).

Joe said to me, “You know Bob, Linda and I were thinking about joining BNI but we think we can do it better by starting our own networking group.”

“So have you ever visited a chapter?” I asked.

“We both have. And we both agree that we liked some things but think we could improve on others.”

I answered, “Joe, before I joined BNI I thought the same thing, I guess entrepreneurs like us are always thinking about reinventing the wheel, so to speak.”

Linda then chimed in and said, “So maybe the three of us can team up and start a networking business?”

“Joe, Linda,” I said, “Let me tell you something. Granted we are entrepreneurs, we often think outside the box which has made us very successful business leaders in our own specific businesses, but BNI stands before us as the worlds largest networking organization, its in 45 countries, and has been growing consistently year after year for the last 25 years…well I don’t know about you, but that sends a message to me. I am a leader, but I know when to let others take the lead. And I have decided to let BNI be my leader when it comes to networking.”

That was two years ago. My business and BNI continues to grow.

Joe and Linda?…sorry to say they never came to BNI, and I never did hear anything about their networking group.

Michael Maine (social entrepreneur) says it best… “The true mark of a leader is knowing when to follow.”

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